Gastone Crea

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INTRODUCTION Transurethral resection of the prostate is considered the standard technique for patients with moderate or severe lower urinary tract symptoms related to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Pathologically BPH is characterized by an increased proliferation of stromal and acinar cells, sustained by increased vascularization (neoangiogenesis).(More)
In this study comparing functional outcomes of renal angioplasty alone (PTRA) or angioplasty with stent placement in patients with renal artery stenosis (> or =60%) and renal insufficiency, 69 patients were treated with PTRA or stent placement. After censoring, the PTRA group included 15 patients with a mean age of 75 years, mean serum creatinine (Cr) of(More)
The use of Swan-Ganz catheters has increased tremendously since they were first introduced in 1970. Their ability to give vital hemodynamic measurements in critically ill patients makes their use invaluable when providing quality medical care. The formation of pulmonary artery (PA) pseudoaneurysm from a Swan-Ganz catheter-induced perforation of the PA is a(More)
Ureterocele is a cystic dilatation of the terminal intravesical ureter; the therapeutic options are different and correlated on upper and lower urinary tract anatomy. The goals of treatment include control of infection, protection of ipsilateral and controlateral renal units and maintenance of vesicoureteral continence. The endoscopic approach is still(More)
Ultrasonography has gained an important role for the diagnosis of acute and chronic scrotal lesions. We report our experience on 6 cases of acute scrotal edema. The etiology of edema was congestive cardiopathy (two patients), glomerulonephrosis (three patients) and lumboaortic lymphnode metastases from bladder transitional cell carcinoma (one patient).(More)