Gaston R. Zahnd

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Six maturity onset diabetic patients took glibenclamide 5 mg by mouth, every morning 10 min before a standard breakfast. Serum levels of immunoreactive glibenclamide, glucose and immunoreactive insulin were measured repeatedly on the first and 15th days of treatment. Measured glibenclamide blood levels were in close agreement with an analogue computer(More)
Electrical activity in non-neuronal cells can be induced by altering the membrane potential and eliciting action potentials. For example, hormones, nutrients and neurotransmitters act on excitable endocrine cells. In an attempt to correlate such electrical activity with regulation of cell activation, we report here direct measurements of cytosolic free Ca2+(More)
Four subjects received 5 mg14C-glipizide orally and3 subjects1 mg intravenously. The average absorption of the oral dose was nearly 100% with peak plasma levels occurring between 90 and 360 min. The apparent half-life of plasma radioactivity was approximatively 3.7 h, the disappearance of radioactivity following complex kinetics due to metabolism of the(More)
The cytosolic free calcium concentration, [Ca2+]i, was monitored in single rat lactotrophs in primary culture with the fluorescent probe Fura 2. It was found that lactotrophs are very heterogeneous in their [Ca2+]i response to TRH and dopamine, the major physiological regulators of PRL secretion. While in most lactotrophs TRH raises [Ca2+]i, the kinetics of(More)
In order to evaluate the importance of measuring serum lipids in the current care of diabetics, blood triglycerides were measured in 155 diabetics and 59 controls. Comparison with a chemical method confirmed the usefulness of the nephelometric method for the diagnosis and control of hyperlipemia in current practice. The importance of measuring serum lipids(More)
Four subjects received 5 mg14C-glipizide orally, 3 subjects 1 mg intravenously and 2 subjects 5 mg14C-glibenclamide orally. Plasma levels of radioactivity, and urinary and faecal excretion were measured. For both drugs the disappearance of radioactivity from plasma followed complex kinetics and the apparent half-lives increased steadily with time. The two(More)
Diabetes was induced in rats with various single i.v. doses of streptozotocin. The rats were killed 4–10 months thereafter. Marked hyperglycaemia, ketonaemia and a rise of plasma free fatty acids resulted. The weight increase was markedly reduced. There was a clear reciprocal correlation between the injected dose of the diabetogenic agent and plasma IRI.(More)
Receptor-mediated alterations in the cytosolic free calcium concentration, [Ca2+]i are monitored with the intracellular fluorescent calcium probe fura 2 by dual excitation microfluorimetry. The calcium dependence on the excitation spectrum of fura 2 allows us to choose two wavelengths, lambda 1 and lambda 2, at which an increase in [Ca2+]i causes either a(More)