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An investigation ts made of the expected value of the maximum number of accesses needed to locate any element m a hashing file under various colhston resoluuon schemes This differs from usual worst-case considerations winch, for hashmg, would be the largest sequence of accesses for the worst possible file Asymptotic expressxons of these expected values are(More)
OMA (Orthologous MAtrix) is a database that identifies orthologs among publicly available, complete genomes. Initiated in 2004, the project is at its 11th release. It now includes 1000 genomes, making it one of the largest resources of its kind. Here, we describe recent developments in terms of species covered; the algorithmic pipeline--in particular(More)
Quadtrees constitute a hierarchical data structure which permits fast access to multidimensional data. This paper presents the analysis of the expected cost of various types of searches in quadtrees|fully speciied and partial match queries. The data model assumes random points with independently drawn coordinate values. The analysis leads to a class of(More)
MOTIVATION We announce the availability of the second release of Darwin v. 2.0, an interpreted computer language especially tailored to researchers in the biosciences. The system is a general tool applicable to a wide range of problems. RESULTS This second release improves Darwin version 1.6 in several ways: it now contains (1) a larger set of libraries(More)