Gastón Ferrara

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The effect of the number of RAPD fragments on the estimation of genetic distances has been studied on 10 genotypes (Vitis vinifera) using 320 primers. A total number of 1683 scorable bands was obtained but only polymorphic bands (932) were considered in this work. The variation of the genetic distances, in relation to an increasing number of bands, was(More)
An HPLC procedure is described for the separation and identification of some hydrosoluble by-products resulting from the hydrolytic degradation of poly(alpha-hydroxyacid)s having biomedical interest: poly(L-lactide), poly(DL-lactide), poly-(glycolide) and poly(lactide-co-glycolide). Peak identification was performed by comparing the respective retention(More)
While the hydrophobic effect is, for many systems, one of the most relevant interactions, it may be said that in the case of biological systems this effect becomes of determinant importance. Although the matter has been analyzed extensively, certain aspects are yet to be elucidated. Hence, the study on the behavior of the hydrophobic effect with(More)
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