Gastão A. Braga

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Research on hemorrhage has concentrated on its effects rather than the manner of occurrence. A new experimental method in which the rate of bleeding is a function of prevailing arterial pressure is proposed and described. The effects of standard crystalloid volume expansion and of small volume hypertonic treatment on this protocol are demonstrated. In(More)
It is controversial whether rotation is necessary for patients undergoing pleurodesis. In addition, the optimal volume of the injectate remains to be determined. The purpose of this study was to determine the importance of rotation and the volume of the agent on the intrapleural dispersion of agents injected into the pleural space of rabbits. Technetium 99m(More)
In pressure-driven hemorrhage (PDH), where the rate of bleeding is a function of prevailing arterial pressure, survival time, arterial pressure, cardiac output, oxygen consumption, and base excess are functions of initial bleeding rate. The quantitative rate of transcapillary refill (TR) throughout PDH leading to death was determined in splenectomized dogs,(More)
Two different hypertonic (2400 mOsm/L) isochloremic dextran solutions (sodium acetate, HAD; and sodium lactate, HLD; in 0.9% NaCl + 6% dextran 70) were compared with HSD (2400 mOsm/L NaCl + 6% dextran 70) as initial treatment for severe uninterrupted arterial bleeding. The substitution of dextran 70 for lactated Ringer's solution as the maintenance isotonic(More)
In this paper we present an efficient numerical approach based on the Renor-malization Group method for the computation of self-similar dynamics. The latter arise, for instance, as the long-time asymptotic behavior of solutions to nonlin-ear parabolic partial differential equations. We illustrate the approach with the verification of a conjecture about the(More)
We derive an Ornstein-Zernike asymptotic formula for the decay of the two point finite connectivity function τ f x,y (p) of the Bernoulli bond percolation process on Z d , along the principal directions, for d ≥ 3, and for supercritical values of p sufficiently near to p = 1. y| = 1} (nearest neighbors) where Z is the set of all integers and |x − y| is the(More)
We analyzed the different effects of CO2, Nd-YAG, and argon lasers on aorta by using a Thermovision infrared system that registered the laser interaction with mongrel dog aorta. The images (thermograms) obtained were processed by a computer, which associated each area of the same temperature with a determined color. These thermograms were compared to(More)
In this short note we consider mixed short-long range independent bond per-colation models on Z k+d. Let p uv be the probability that the edge (u, v) will be open. Allowing a x, y-dependent length scale and using a multi-scale analysis due to Aizenman and Newman, we show that the long distance behavior of the connec-tivity τ xy is governed by the(More)
We study the long-time asymptotics of a certain class of nonlinear diffusion equations with time-dependent diffusion coefficients which arise, for instance, in the study of transport by randomly fluctuating velocity fields. Our primary goal is to understand the interplay between anomalous diffusion and nonlinearity in determining the long-time behavior of(More)
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