Gasser Akila

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Passiflora edulis is traditionally used in folk lore medicine for the treatment of various ailments. To validate its use in traditional medicine, it is important to evaluate its toxicity in the animal system. Therefore, this study aimed to evaluate the toxicological effects of oral administration of aqueous leaf extract of P. edulis in Wistar albino rats.(More)
In this paper, we present " Kalema " , a system for digitizing Arabic scanned documents for the visually impaired such that it can be converted to audio format or Braille. This is done through a GWAP which offers a simple, challenging game that helps attract many volunteers for this cause. We show how such a tedious task can be achieved accurately and(More)
Although generally not appreciated, lying constitutes a great part of human conversation. Thereby the nonverbal behavior plays a crucial role, as so-called deception cues can reveal the real intention or emotion by facial expressions or body movements. In this paper, we examine facial cues of deception and present a preliminary perception study with a(More)
The study was designed to evaluate the anti-diabetic effect of aqueous extract of Bauhinia tomentosa L. leaf on alloxan induced Wistar albino rats. Diabetes was induced in albino rat models with alloxan monohydrate (150mg/kg body weight). Aqueous leaf extract of Bauhinia tomentosa at the dose of 300 mg/kg was orally administered once a day for 30 days to(More)
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