Gaspare Guglielmi

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Blood benzene was determined by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in 431 "normal" subjects, subdivided into 155 rural subjects and 276 urban subjects. Blood benzene (mean value 262 ng/l) was significantly lower in rural (200 ng/l) than in urban (296 ng/l) workers, as well as differing significantly between 293 non-smokers and 138 smokers (205 ng/l and(More)
INTRODUCTION This study aimed to describe a spectrum of magnetic resonance (MR) imaging findings in a case series of four patients with recurrent vertebral hydatid disease (HD). METHODS Four patients with recurrent spinal HD, who were studied with MR imaging at 1.5T or 0.5T MR units, were encountered during a ten-year period. All patients had a history of(More)
A three-year-old girl presented with slow-growing swellings at the left foot and upper right humerus. Radiographs show multiple enchondromas in both feet, proximal humeri and scapulae, as well as at multiple sites in the hands, distal forearm bones and pelvis, in keeping with multiple enchondromatosis in Ollier disease. The clinical presentation and imaging(More)
Blood toluene was measured by gas chromatography--mass spectrometry in 232 occupationally nonexposed subjects, consisting of 126 rural and 106 urban workers, and 37 chemical workers. Mean blood toluene was significantly lower in rural (698 ng/l) and urban workers (984 ng/l) than in chemical workers (2789 ng/l). Blood toluene was not significantly different(More)
Paediatric optic pathway gliomas are low-grade brain tumours characterized by slow progression and invalidating visual loss. Presently there is no strategy to prevent visual loss in this kind of tumour. This study evaluated the effects of nerve growth factor administration in protecting visual function in patients with optic pathway glioma-related visual(More)