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Trajectories of tropical cyclones may show large deviations from predicted tracks leading to uncertainty as to their landfall location for example. Prediction schemes usually render this uncertainty by showing track forecast cones representing the most probable region for the location of a cyclone during a period of time. By using the statistical properties(More)
A granular jet falling out of a funnel shaped container, subjected to small vertical vibrations, develops an instability farther downstream as may happen for ordinary liquid jets. Our results show that this instability is reminiscent of the Rayleigh-Plateau capillary instability leading to breakup of the jet at large scales. The first stages of this(More)
The spectroscopic, electrochemical and photophysical properties of the first ReI organometallic organoimido-polyoxometalate complex [n-Bu4N][Mo6O18NC6H4-CH2-N3C2H2-Re-phen(CO)3] compared with all fragments are reported. The UV-Vis spectra are analysed using experimental and theoretical tools. In contrast to the reported studies in the literature, our(More)
We have examined the oxidation states and local atomic structures of Ni, Fe, and Co in Li(x)Ni0.7Fe0.15Co0.15O2 as a function of Li content during the first charge in a Li/Li(x)Ni0.7Fe0.15Co0.15O2 nonaqueous cell. We show that the composition of the material in the pristine state is more accurately described by(More)
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