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Significant health benefits have been demonstrated for certain probiotic strains through intervention studies; however, there is a shortage of experimental evidence relative to the mechanisms of action. Here, noninvasive experimental procedure based on a colon organ culture system has been used that, in contrast to most experimental in vitro models(More)
Sepsis is a life-threatening condition in preterm infants. Neonatal microbiota plays a pivotal role in the immune system maturation. Changes in gut microbiota have been associated to inflammatory disorders; however, a link with sepsis in the neonatal period has not yet been established. We aimed to analyze gut microbiota and mucosal gene expression using(More)
rvista el om ité citífico no 21 Section of Food Safety and Nutrition Elena Alonso Lebrero, José Manuel Barat Baviera, María Pilar Conchello Moreno, Ramón Estruch Riba, María Antonia Ferrús Pérez, Guillermina Font Pérez, Susana Guix Arnau, Arturo Hardisson de la Torre, Ángeles Jos Gallego, Ascensión Marcos Sánchez, Amelia Marti del Moral, Olga Martín(More)
Genetic analysis of protoplast fusants inCephalosporium acremonium can be carried out by two complementary approaches: analysis of stable haploid segregants and analysis of unstable heterozygotes of uncertain ploidy. However, segregation may be distorted by physiological as well as genetic phenomena, i.e., cross-feeding, syntrophic growth, allele viability,(More)
Pregnant women are considered a special risk population group for food-borne illnesses, due to their specific susceptibility to certain infectious diseases and the severity of the complications that may appear. In Spain, official incidence of food-borne disease outbreaks in this population group is low. However, due to their special vulnerability and the(More)
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