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CONTEXT The prevalence of abnormal thyroid function in the United States and the significance of thyroid dysfunction remain controversial. Systemic effects of abnormal thyroid function have not been fully delineated, particularly in cases of mild thyroid failure. Also, the relationship between traditional hypothyroid symptoms and biochemical thyroid(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to investigate whether collagen type I degradation is altered in patients with essential hypertension and whether this alteration could be related to disturbances in the serum matrix metalloproteinase pathway of collagen degradation. A second aim of the study was to assess whether some relation exists between serum markers(More)
In this work, we present several ways to obtain different types of weighting triangles, due to these types characterize some interesting properties of Extended Ordered Weighted Averaging operators, EOWA, and Extended Quasi–linear Weighted Mean, EQLWM, as well as of their reverse functions. We show that any quantifier determines an EOWA operator which is(More)