Gaspar José Machado

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In order to be robust and achieve multi-domain coverage, exercise generation systems usually work with answers of simple types (e.g. multiple-choice, Boolean, integer, or file comparison). In this paper we describe an exercise generation system Passarola, a simple, yet powerful, language that anyone with no computer science background, can use to develop(More)
Ten years have passed since the beginning of graphene research. In this period we have witnessed breakthroughs both in fundamental and applied research. However, the development of graphene devices for mass production has not yet reached the same level of progress. The architecture of graphene field-effect transistors (FET) has not significantly changed,(More)
In this paper we concentrate on the field of mathematics education where the aim is to generate exercises going beyond those with answers of simple types (e.g. multiple-choice, Boolean, integer, or file comparison). We present three examples from introductory college mathematics and emphasize the key points that should be taken into account in order to(More)
We propose a new finite volume method to provide very high-order accuracy for the convection diffusion problem. The main tool is a polynomial reconstruction based on the mean-value to provide the best order. Numerical examples are proposed to show the method efficiency. Key–Words: Finite Volume, very high-order, convection-diffusion, polynomial(More)
The time discretization of a very high-order finite volume method may give rise to new numerical difficulties resulting into accuracy degradations. Indeed, for the simple onedimensional unstationary convection-diffusion equation for instance, a conflicting situation between the source term time discretization and the boundary conditions may arise when using(More)
Breast reduction is one of the most common procedures in breast surgery. The aim of this work is to develop a computational model allowing one to forecast the final breast geometry according to the incision marking parameters. This model can be used in surgery simulators that provide preoperative planning and training, allowing the study of the origin of(More)