Gasem Alizadeh

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The purpose of the sliding mode controller for a vehicle suspension system is to reduce the discomfort sensed by passengers which arises from road roughness and to increase the ride handling associated with the pitching and rolling movements. This necessitates a very fast and accurate controller to meet as much control objectives, as possible. This paper(More)
In this paper, a nonlinear optimal control law based on a quadratic cost function is developed, and applied on a half-car model for the control of active suspension systems. Nonlinear model of half-car is constructed using the nonlinear dynamics of the electro hydraulic actuator and dynamic characteristics of the dampings and springs. The states of half car(More)
Abstract -This paper proposes a new approach to feedback linearization of flexible link robots which have uncertain modeling. The flexibility of joints is performed by use of the solenoid nonlinear springs, which have damper property. The simplified nonlinear H∞ controller is used to control linearized flexible link robots. The new continues and smooth(More)
This paper proposes a nonlinear H∞ controller to control a single link rotary flexible joint robot which has dead zone problem. Dead zone properties are caused by dry friction and gearbox backlashes. The flexibility in setup robot is performed by means of a solenoid spring, which is connected between actuator shaft-out and joint shaft-input in a bilateral(More)
In this paper we design and compare two modern controllers for a MIMO civil aircraft model; first we design state feedback with precompensator controller so the unstable open loop system tracks reference input truly. Then, H-infinity method is utilized to design the controller using appropriate weighting functions. The objective of the controller is to(More)
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