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OBJECTIVE To compare high-resolution ultrasound (HRUS) with conventional radiography in the detection of erosions in the first metatarsophalangeal joints (1st MTPJs) of patients with gout and to identify the characteristic sonographic features of gout. METHODS HRUS examination of the 1st MTPJs of both feet was performed by two independent sonographers.(More)
The frequency of inhibiting and activating killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors was similar in 331 patients with rheumatoid arthritis and in 354 controls. Patients and controls came from a relatively homogeneous Caucasian population from Northern Ireland, thus limiting population stratification. Furthermore, no differences were found when the patients(More)
BACKGROUND Plantar fasciitis is a common cause of heel pain. The aim of this study was twofold: to compare steroid injection with placebo injection and to compare ultrasound guided with unguided steroid injection in the management of this condition. METHODS 65 patients with inferior heel pain were recruited between November 2008 and June 2011. Heel pain(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether radiographic osteoarthritis (OA) is asymmetric and greater on the right side than on the left side in the hands, hips, and knees. METHODS Participants were 489 individuals with posteroanterior hand radiographs from a family study of nodal OA, 1,715 community-derived individuals who had undergone intravenous urography with(More)
INTRODUCTION Schnitzler Syndrome is an uncommon, inflammatory condition that presents with a constellation of chronic unremitting urticaria, fever, bone pain, arthralgia or arthritis, and a monoclonal IgM gammopathy. There is usually neutrophilia and raised inflammatory markers. Delayed diagnosis is common and treatment often unsuccessful. CASE(More)
Autologous T cells engineered to express chimeric antigen receptor against the B cell antigen CD19 (CAR19) are achieving marked leukemic remissions in early-phase trials but can be difficult to manufacture, especially in infants or heavily treated patients. We generated universal CAR19 (UCART19) T cells by lentiviral transduction of non-human leukocyte(More)
Chondrocalcinosis (CC) is a common cause of joint pain and arthritis that is caused by the deposition of calcium-containing crystals within articular cartilage. Although most cases are sporadic, rare familial forms have been linked to human chromosomes 8 (CCAL1) or 5p (CCAL2) (Baldwin et al. 1995; Hughes et al. 1995; Andrew et al. 1999). Here, we show that(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the efficacy of corticosteroid injections into the carpometacarpal joint of the thumb (CMCJ) in patients with osteoarthritis. DESIGN A double blind, randomised controlled trial using 40 hospital referred patients with CMCJ osteoarthritis who received intra-articular injections of 5 mg triamcinolone hexacetonide (0.25 ml) or(More)
Although tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha is implicated in numerous cardiac pathologies, the intracellular events leading to its production by heart cells are largely unknown. The goal of the present study was to identify the role of the transcription factor nuclear factor (NF)-kappaB in this process. Among the many inducers of TNF-alpha expression in(More)
OBJECTIVE To search for genetic association between microsatellite marker loci and sibling pairs with nodal osteoarthritis (NOA). METHODS Using the affected sibling pair method of analysis, genomic DNA from 66 sib pairs with NOA was analysed for association with highly polymorphic microsatellite marker loci. The microsatellite markers were amplified using(More)