Gary Wilson

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Reusing existing library components is essential for reducing the cost of software development and maintenance. When library components evolve to accommodate new feature requests, to fix bugs, or to meet new standards, the clients of software libraries often need to make corresponding changes to correctly use the updated libraries. Existing API usage(More)
—Programmers often need to reason about how a program evolved between two or more program versions. Reasoning about program changes is challenging as there is a significant gap between how programmers think about changes and how existing program differencing tools represent such changes. For example, even though modification of a locking protocol is(More)
  • Charles Burt, Dan Howes, Gary Wilson, Mr Ricardo Amón, Mr Joe Lima, Mr Dirk Marks +37 others
  • 2010
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Irrigation Training and Research Center (ITRC) gratefully acknowledges the following agencies for providing tremendous assistance with information utilized in this report to estimate agricultural energy use by sector and region throughout California. The Irrigation Training and Research Center would also like to acknowledge the(More)
This study investigated the roles of endotoxemia and heat-induced tissue damage in the pathology of heat stroke. In groups of eight, male Wistar rats were treated with heat exposure only (HE), or heat exposure with turpentine (T+HE), dexamethasone (D+HE), and turpentine and dexamethasone combined (TD+HE). The rats remained sedated for 2 h after receiving(More)
Traditional factors that once explained men's sexual difficulties appear insufficient to account for the sharp rise in erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, decreased sexual satisfaction, and diminished libido during partnered sex in men under 40. This review (1) considers data from multiple domains, e.g., clinical, biological (addiction/urology),(More)
  • Jean-François Schmouth, Mauro Castellarin, Stéphanie Laprise, Kathleen G Banks, Russell J Bonaguro, Simone C McInerny +11 others
  • 2013
The next big challenge in human genetics is understanding the 98% of the genome that comprises non-coding DNA. Hidden in this DNA are sequences critical for gene regulation, and new experimental strategies are needed to understand the functional role of gene-regulation sequences in health and disease. In this study, we build upon our HuGX ('high-throughput(More)
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