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The author would like to acknowledge those whose help and leadership have been instrumental to the production of this paper. First and foremost are Marshall (Mike) Smith and Catherine (Cathy) Casserly, whose combined vision and tenacity at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation gave life to the global, fast-growing Open Educational Resources movement.(More)
This paper provides a summary and assessment of the current development of open textbooks and describes a possible direction for future development and funded support of open textbook projects. This paper provides answers to the following questions: Why do we need open textbooks? What are open textbooks (in their various forms)? How are open textbooks(More)
It' s clear that the landscape of the open education movement is changing every day. The history of MOOCs has been a fascinating tale of supply and demand. The need for open educational resources (OER) have been demanded from learners all over the world and with the immense supply of open educational resources available from schools everywhere demonstrate(More)
The use of technology to provide improved access to higher education has a long history, but now, in addition to improved access, Internet-based technologies are truly transforming higher education, making learning and teaching more effective than ever before. The notion that distance education is inferior to classroom-based education is being countered by(More)
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