Gary T Rosenthal

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Scores of 54 fantasy role-game players and 64 National Guardsman were compared on a neuroticism scale and demographic variables. While the Role-gamers reported daydreaming and sleeping more than the Guardsmen, the popular stereotype that game players are withdrawn, emotionally immature adolescents was not confirmed. The typical game player was male with as(More)
A form of structuring (providing specific procedural and sensory information, in combination) was effective in lessening anxiety of medical patients scheduled to undergo myelography. Myelography is a complex diagnostic x-ray procedure used to assess nerve damage of the spinal cord which may be serious enough to warrant surgery. Not only was structuring(More)
Two totball baseball leagues in southern Louisiana were monitored to judge what type of parental involvement yielded the highest on-task behaviors among participants. 39 children ages 3 to 5 years participated in 3- or 4-inning baseball games with parents on the field. In the Parent on Bases League, a parent stood on first, second, and third base only. In(More)
A study exploring gender differences in self-reported dream perspectives was performed with 282 college students. Significantly more of the 164 women reported dreaming exclusively in first person and more of the 114 men exclusively in third person. Also, gender differences were found for those who dreamed in mixed perspective, a combination of first- and(More)
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