Gary Skinner

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Near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, one of the most rapidly growing methodologies in pharmaceutical analysis, has been used to analyze the pharmaceutical solid dosage form. The objective of this study was to examine the information that can be gathered from NIR spectroscopy and demonstrate the potential utility of the technique as an alternative to current(More)
For solid dosage forms, a better understanding of the fundamental properties of the binders helps in developing better formulations and products. The objective of this study was to determine the effects of binder toughness and plastic flow on tablet hardness, friability, and capping. The characteristic of binder toughness was determined, and the correlation(More)
In solid dosage manufacturing, roller compaction technology plays an important role in providing cost control and a quality product. The objective of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of fine-particle hydroxypropylcellulose (HPC) as a dry binder in roller compaction processing. The formula included acetaminophen (APAP), microcrystalline(More)
The objective of the research described here was to develop a set of predictive models that would be used to show the performance of hydroxypropylcellulose as a pharmaceutical tablet binder. A statistically designed set of experiments was used to relate tablet formulation to functionality. It was found that the binder level affected both hardness and(More)
We characterized and analyzed the dynamics of a rapidly expanding urban landscape of Beijing Municipality, based on the Hierarchical Regional Space (HRS) model. We focused on ecological processes such as flows of energy, materials and population between the urban core and its periphery, and how these processes co-evolved with urbanization. We treated the(More)
This paper analyzes data from the household registers for two villages in the Nôbi region of central Japan in the late Edo period (1717-1869) to assess how grandparents may have affected reproductive strategizing in stem families. The particulars of the family system fostered a culturally favored set of reproductive goals, in particular, a daughter as(More)
Dissolution is a qualitative and quantitative tool that can provide valuable information about biological availability of a drug, as well as batch-to-batch consistency. It is considered one of the most important quality control tests performed on pharmaceutical dosage forms, and validation of dissolution methods is an important part of good manufacturing(More)
The Xerox Ignite™ Educator Support System (henceforth referred to simply as Ignite™) is a data collection, analysis, and visualization workflow and software solution to assist K-12 educators. To illustrate, suppose a third-grade teacher wants to know how well her class has grasped a lesson on fractions. She would first scan her students'(More)
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