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Little is understood about the sleep quality of children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Conventional sensors and instrumentation for objective sleep quality assessment, such as those used in polysomnography, are highly obtrusive and not well-suited to this patient population. This paper presents a set of sensors and instrumentation for(More)
When physiological dead space (Vd(p)) is calculated for a patient who has alveolar dead space, e.g., after pulmonary vascular occlusion, less than the full volume of attached mechanical dead space (Vd(m)) appears in the measured dead space (Vd(n)). Under these conditions the traditional subtraction of Vd(m) from Vd(n) leads to underestimation of Vd(p) and(More)
Despite the growing incidence and costs of autism, little has been done to apply technology advancements to the challenges faced by autistic individuals. The recent introduction of digital data collection to track the progress of treatment interventions has been an important contribution, but there are many other opportunities for technology to facilitate(More)
Most design decisions are treated as exclusive finite choice decisions. The decision maker is presented with a finite set of design alternatives and must choose exactly one of the presented alternatives. This paper studies the case where the decision maker is presented with a finite number of alternatives and can choose an indeterminate number of them,(More)
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