Gary S. Tyson

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As processors continue to exploit more instruction-level parallelism, a greater demand is placed on reducing the effects of memory access latency. In this paper, we introduce a novel modification of the processor pipeline called memory renaming. Memory renaming applies register access techniques to load instructions, reducing the effect of delays caused by(More)
Modern high-performance processors utilize multi-level cache structures to help tolerate the increasing latency (measured in processor cycles) of main memory. These caches employ either a writeback or a write-through strategy to deal with store operations. Write-through caches propagate data to more distant memory levels at the time each store occurs, which(More)
The Frank-Starling relationship generally has been examined with filling pressure as the index of preload, resulting in a curvilinear function that plateaus at higher filling pressures. To investigate this relationship further in the intact heart, 32 dogs were chronically instrumented with left ventricular and pleural micromanometers and with regional (10(More)
As processor performance continues to improve, more emphasis must be placed on the performance of the memory system. In this paper, a detailed characterization of data cache behavior for individual load instructions is given. We show that by selectively applying cache line allocation according the characteristics of individual load instructions, overall(More)
Very small instruction caches have been shown to greatly reduce fetch energy. However, for many appli- cations the use of a small filter cache can lead to an unacceptable increase in execution time. In this paper, we propose the Tagless Hit Instruction Cache (TH-IC), a technique for completely eliminating the performance penalty associated with filter(More)
Most recent reviews of pyogenic hepatic abscess emphasize percutaneous versus open surgical management and devote little time to studying the etiology or the clinical condition of the patient. In this study a detailed review was performed with a computerized analysis of multiple clinical parameters in 73 patients treated for pyogenic hepatic abscess during(More)
The diierence in processor and main memory cycle time has necessitated the use of aggressive prefetching techniques to reduce or hide main memory access latency. However, prefetching can signiicantly increase memory bandwidth and unsuccessful prefetches may even pollute the primary cache. Although the current metrics, coverage and accuracy, do provide an(More)
Power consumption has been a major concern in designing microprocessors for portable systems such as notebook computers, hand-held computing and personal telecommunication devices. As these devices increase in popularity and are used in a wider range of applications, a low power design becomes more critical. In this paper, we propose a new(More)
Highly aggressive multi-issue processor designs of the past few years and projections for the decade, require that we redesign the operation of the cache memory system. The number of instructions that must be processed (including incorrectly predicted ones) will approach 16 or more per cycle. Since memory operations account for about a third of all(More)