Gary S Monroe

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Analysis of 1,261 adult subjects, ages 25 to 80 years, showed that there is a positive relationship between the brain weight and the body dimensions. The brain weight, however, increases at a slower rate than the body dimensions. There is indication that only a small portion of the brain varies with variation in the body dimensions. Among parameters, the(More)
Fresh brain weight, gestational age, body weight, sex, and race were collected from autopsy records of 782 newborns over a 10-year period. The brain weight of the mature newborn does not differ between males and females or between white and black infants. For the premature, however, brain weight is heavier in white males than in black males and in white(More)
In this paper we provide evidence for the effects of social norms on audit pricing by studying companies belonging to the alcohol, firearms, gambling, military, nuclear power, and tobacco industries, which are often described as " sin " companies. We hypothesize that the disparities between " sin " firms operations and prevailing social norms create an(More)
Acknowledgements: We wish to gratefully acknowledge the comments received from workshop ABSTRACT In many audit tasks, auditors evaluate multiple hypotheses to diagnose the situation. Research suggests this is a complex task that individuals have difficulty performing. Further, there is little guidance in professional standards or literature dealing with the(More)
This study provides exploratory evidence on auditors' framing and evaluation of hypotheses, identifies implications for improving audit decision-making and facilitates the interpretation of prior research. Prior studies usually assume hypotheses to be framed as mutually exclusive and exhaustive. However, both verbal protocol evidence and probability(More)
Recent events in the auditing profession [sometimes called the 'accounting' profession] have clearly called for a reconsideration of the paradigms currently in vogue in both auditing research and practice. Although early audit research and standard setting explored more rigorous frameworks for risk assessment such as a specific algebraic definition of audit(More)
Acknowledgements: We wish to thank the cooperating firms for their useful comments on the case materials and for providing the subjects for the pilot testing and for the experiment. Raj Srivastava provided important suggestions, especially on the experimental materials and design. Useful comments and suggestions were also obtained ABSTRACT This experimental(More)
for insightful comments on earlier versions of this paper. Finally, we thank the financial analysts who participated in this study. Data availability: Data and the instrument used in this study are available on request. ABSTRACT: This study examines whether nonfinancial performance indicators impact financial analysts' judgments and decision making when(More)
This study compares the weight of the human brain to gestational age and body dimensions. A new formula for calculating the rate of growth is proposed. It consists of a second order polynomial function: Y = A0 + A1X + A2X2, in which Y is brain weight, body weight, height, or body surface area; X is gestational age in weeks and A0, A1, and A2 are(More)