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Research Practice Variance-based structural equation modeling is extensively used in information systems research, and many related findings may have been distorted by hidden collinearity. This is a problem that may extend to multivariate analyses, in general, in the field of information systems as well as in many other fields. In multivariate analyses,(More)
Even though an individual's knowledge network is known to contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of his or her work in groups, the way that network building occurs has not been carefully investigated. In our study, activities of new product development teams were analyzed to determine the antecedents and consequences on the transactive memory(More)
Prior research on the use of electronic communication media by teams performing complex tasks has led to contradictory findings. Much research has suggested that electronic communication media, due to not incorporating important elements found in face-to-face communication, pose obstacles for communication in comparison with the face-to-face medium. On the(More)
Coming up with fabulously successful products takes more than creative people with groundbreaking ideas. Top executives need to roll up their sleeves and get involved. Since they control resources and have the power to cut through red tape, they can clear a path for the creative team to develop hit products.
The study purports to develop and empirically test a model of team learning process and its effects on team performance in new product development teams. Using the socio-cognitive theory of learning in groups and organizations, several hypotheses were tested to show that the primer components of social cognition (that is, information acquisition,(More)