Gary S Hogge

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BACKGROUND Natalizumab, a humanized monoclonal antibody against alpha4 integrin, inhibits leukocyte adhesion and migration into inflamed tissue. METHODS We conducted two controlled trials to evaluate natalizumab as induction and maintenance therapy in patients with active Crohn's disease. In the first trial, 905 patients were randomly assigned to receive(More)
Survival following amputation and administration of single-agent carboplatin for treatment of appendicular osteosarcoma (OSA) in dogs was retrospectively examined. Records of 155 dogs with appendicular OSA treated with amputation and single-agent carboplatin were included from 14 centers. Any carboplatin dosage, number of doses, and protocol schedule were(More)
Cytokine gene-engineered tumor vaccines are currently an area of intense investigation in both basic research and clinical medicine. Our efforts to utilize tumor vaccines in an immunotherapeutic manner involve canines with spontaneous tumors. We hypothesized that canine tumor cells, transfected with human granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor(More)
Tumor vaccines and gene therapy have received significant attention as means of increasing cellular and humoral immune responses to cancer. We conducted a pilot study of seven research dogs to determine whether intradermal injection of canine tumor cells transfected via the Accell particle-mediated gene transfer device with the cDNA for human(More)
Experiments were conducted to determine if La Crosse (LAC) and Tahyna (TAH) viruses reassort in Aedes triseriatus mosquitoes and to determine the genotypic frequencies of viruses selected by in vivo vector interactions. A molecular hybridization technique was used to analyze progeny viruses. Probes specific for the La Crosse L, M and S segments (pLAC4.16:(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe the surgical technique of vertebrectomy with bone allograft fusion and the use of antitumor vaccine for the treatment of a primary vertebral neoplasm in a dog. STUDY DESIGN Case Report. ANIMALS OR SAMPLE POPULATION A 3 year old 32 kg female spayed mixed breed dog with progressive paraplegia. METHODS Myelography was performed to(More)
A retrospective study was performed of 17 dogs and seven cats with various stages of thymoma treated with radiation alone or as an adjunctive therapy. Analysis revealed an overall response rate of 75% (15/20 evaluable cases). Partial (i.e., >50% reduction in tumor size) and complete (i.e., no detectable tumor) responses were included. Complete responses(More)
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