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(40)Ar/(39)Ar dating of tuffs and mafic lavas, tephra geochemistry, and paleomagnetic reversal stratigraphy have been used to establish the chronostratigraphy of the Pliocene hominid-bearing(More)
Abstract Although the Arikareean North American land mammal age was first typified in the Great Plains, the succession there contains significant unconformities, a generally poor magnetic record,(More)
Abstract The stratigraphy and age of a sauropod nesting ground containing the first definitive embryonic remains of sauropods preserved inside their eggs is analyzed. The fossil locality, called Auca(More)
[1] Titanomagnetite inclusions in pyroxene and plagioclase are carriers of stable magnetic remanence in some slowly cooled rocks such as gabbros, anorthosites, granulites, and diorites. Needle-shaped(More)