Gary R. Webb

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The way clinicians break bad news to cancer patients has been retrospectively associated with poor psychosocial outcomes for patients. Education and practice in breaking bad news may be ineffective for improving patients' well-being unless it is informed by a sound evidence base. In the health field, research efforts are expected to advance evidence over(More)
While the use of safety restraints effectively reduces the risk of death or injury in accidents, many children still travel unrestrained in motor vehicles. Compulsory seat belt legislation in Australia increased rates of adult use dramatically, but did not have the same impact with children. In order to understand why levels of children's restraint use(More)
Research efforts in the field of occupational injuries have been hampered by difficulties in ascertaining true prevalence rates. Lack of accuracy in reporting and documentation of work injuries leads to loss of information and lack of comparability of work injury statistics. The paper explores some of the factors related to loss of information about work(More)
A review of studies on the relationship between alcohol and work injuries revealed that the evidence is contradictory and that many of the studies contain methodological flaws. The present study aimed to determine whether there are relationships between problem drinking and high alcohol consumption and outcomes such as work injuries and related absences.(More)
Despite the proven safety value of wearing vehicle safety restraints, people continue to travel without this protection. Legislation requiring the use of safety restraints has been implemented in several countries, including Australia, in an attempt to improve rates of restraint use. In Australia, legislation dramatically increased rates of adult restraint(More)
The study of 833 employees aimed to determine the prevalence and sociodemographic correlates of high-risk and problem drinking in an industrial population. Variables measured included stressful life events, neuroticism, job satisfaction, years of service, job classification and type of shift. As measured by a 7-day retrospective diary, 12.5% of the sample(More)
The views of politicians, experts in the field of drug abuse and randomly-selected members of the community were sought concerning the burden of illness that is imposed by the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, narcotic agents, prescribed drugs, cocaine, volatile substances, over-the-counter drugs and cannabis. Politicians and community members perceived illicit(More)
Since drug abuse results in high costs to the community, it is vital that research funding be allocated in a way which ensures a maximum improvement in health for the money spent. This study explores the extent to which current research into drug and alcohol abuse in Australia reflects perceived research priorities. Two hundred and seventy-four ongoing(More)
The study aimed to assess the test-retest reliability of two commonly used measures of alcohol consumption, the quantity-frequency (QF) method and the diary method, as well as the stability of scores on the two measures over time. Two methods of assessing reliability and stability were employed. The first was a traditional method based on calculation of(More)
This study compared the results obtained with two measures of alcohol consumption, a quantity-frequency (QF) method and a retrospective diary method, using a worksite sample. In order to control for the possibility of order effects, a subsample was chosen for readministration of the alcohol measures, when the order of presentation of the two measures was(More)