Gary R. W. Greaves

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We obtain several new results contributing to the theory of real equiangular line systems. Among other things, we present a new general lower bound on the maximum number of equiangular lines in d dimensional Eu-clidean space; we describe the two-graphs on 12 vertices; and we investigate Seidel matrices with exactly three distinct eigenvalues. As a result,(More)
A totally real polynomial in Z[x] with zeros α 1 α 2 · · · αn has span αn − α 1. Building on the classification of all characteristic poly-nomials of integer symmetric matrices having span less than 4, we obtain a classification of polynomials having span less than 4 that are the characteristic polynomial of a Hermitian matrix over some quadratic integer(More)
Spectral mapping theorem and asymptotic behavior of quantum walks on infinite graphs Etsuo SEGAWA (Tohoku Univ., JAPAN) 10:10 Tea Break 10:20 Seidel matrices with precisely three distinct eigenvalues Gary GREAVES (Tohoku Univ., JAPAN) 11:00 Tea Break 11:10 On the characteristic of a multiple eigenvalue of an Hermi-tian matrix whose graph is a tree
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