Gary R. Shepherd

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Although the contents have not been copyrighted and may be reprinted entirely , reference to the source is appreciated. The Secretary of Commerce has determined tilat tile publication of this series is necessary in tile transaction of the public business required by law of this Department. Use of funds for printing of this series has been approved by the(More)
Black sea bass (Centropristis striata) migrations are believed to play a role in overwinter survival and connectivity between juvenile and adult populations. This study investigated oceanographic drivers of winter habitat choice and regional differences between populations of juvenile and adult black sea bass. Trends in cohort strength, as a result of(More)
Overview On December 16, staff delivered a list of seven tasks from the Striped Bass Management Board (Board) to the Technical Committee (TC). The Board developed the task list following its October meeting and in anticipation of resuming discussion of an addendum to Amendment 6 at its next meeting on February 2, 2009. The list was later prioritized to(More)
This information is distributed solely for the purpose of pre-dissemination peer review. It has not been formally disseminated by NOAA. It does not represent any final agency determination or policy Draft Working Paper for peer review only. Abstract Black sea bass in the Mid_Atlantic Bight, are exploited by recreational and commercial fisheries. To evaluate(More)
Table 1. Atlantic Coast landings of striped bass in metric tons and numbers from 1981 to 2004 (recreational information not available prior to 1981). Table 2. Total striped bass discard and harvest in numbers and % of total by fishery component, 2003 and 2004. Table 3. Commercial landings, recreational landings and recreational discard losses and total(More)
The images for Figs 4–6 are incorrectly switched. The image that appears as Fig 6 should be Fig 5, the image that appears as Fig 5 should be Fig 4 and the image that appears as Fig 4 should be Fig 6. Copyright: © 2016 Miller et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits(More)
The objective of the SARC was to provide a thorough technical review of presented analyses for harbor porpoise, black sea bass, summer flounder, Atlantic herring, haddock, Georges Bank cod, Atlantic sea scallops, and winter flounder. In the Consensus Summary of Assessments, the SARC discusses major sources of uncertainties in each assessment and how(More)
This series is a secondary scientific series designed to assure the long-term documentation and to enable the timely transmission of research results by Center and/or non-Center researchers, where such results bear upon the research mission of the Center (see the outside back cover for the mission statement). These documents receive internal scientific(More)