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In agricultural landscapes, variation and ecological plasticity in depth of water uptake by annual and perennial plants is an important means by which vegetation controls hydrological balance. However, little is known about how annual and perennial plants growing in agriculturally dominated landscapes in temperate humid regions vary in their water uptake(More)
 We hypothesized that the integration of trees and shrubs in agricultural landscapes can reduce NO3 – leaching and increase utilization of subsoil N. A field survey was conducted on 14 farms on acid soils in the subhumid highlands of Kenya, where there is little use of fertilizers, to determine the effect of vegetation types (VT) on soil NH4 + and NO3 – to(More)
Black sea bass (Centropristis striata) migrations are believed to play a role in overwinter survival and connectivity between juvenile and adult populations. This study investigated oceanographic drivers of winter habitat choice and regional differences between populations of juvenile and adult black sea bass. Trends in cohort strength, as a result of(More)