Gary R. Shapiro

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OBJECTIVE Based on theories regarding cognitive representations of illness and processes of conceptual change, a representational intervention to decrease cancer pain (RIDcancerPain) was developed and its efficacy tested. DESIGN A two-group RCT (RIDcancerPain versus control) with outcome and mediating variables assessed at baseline (T1) and 1 and 2 months(More)
The claim that a treatment is futile is often used to justify a shift in the physician's ethical obligations to patients. In clinical situations in which non-futile treatments are available, the physician has an obligation to discuss therapeutic alternatives with the patient. By contrast, a physician is under no obligation to offer, or even to discuss,(More)
UNLABELLED Small cell lung cancer (SCLC) is highly sensitive to chemotherapy. Despite a dramatic initial response, however, most patients relapse. Given the activity of gemcitabine in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and early clinical trials suggesting activity of gemcitabine in chemo-naive SCLC patients, we conducted a phase II study to determine the(More)
Several medical complications can occur after scoliosis surgery in children and adolescents. They include the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone; pancreatitis; cholelithiasis; superior mesenteric artery syndrome; ileus; pnemothorax; hemothorax; chylothorax; and fat embolism. This review focuses on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of(More)
In recent years, colorectal cancer (CRC) screening rates have increased steadily in the USA, though racial and ethnic disparities persist. In a community-based randomized controlled trial, we investigated the effect of patient navigation on increasing CRC screening adherence among older African Americans. Participants in the Cancer Prevention and Treatment(More)
We evaluated the outcome of seven severe hemophilic patients who underwent four total hip and four total knee arthroplasties since 1976. These patients have been followed at regular intervals over a period of 2.5-9.5 years (mean 5.8). Of the four total hip replacements, one had to be removed because of loosening and secondary infection 3 years after the(More)
Perillyl alcohol (POH) is a naturally occurring lipid with preclinical activity against mammary carcinomas. We conducted a phase II multi-institutional study of oral POH administered four times daily in women with advanced treatment-refractory breast cancer. Eligible women were treated with POH four times daily at 1,200–1,500 mg m−2 dose−1 on a 28-day(More)
There is growing evidence that patient navigation improves breast cancer screening rates; however, there are limited efficacy studies of its effect among African American older adult women. To evaluate the effect of patient navigation on screening mammography among African American female Medicare beneficiaries in Baltimore, MD. The Cancer Prevention and(More)
BACKGROUND Previous research has shown colorectal cancer (CRC) screening disparities by gender. Little research has focused primarily on gender differences among older Black individuals, and reasons for existing gender differences remain poorly understood. METHODS We used baseline data from the Cancer Prevention and Treatment Demonstration Screening(More)