Gary R. Bertoline

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TeraGrid is a national-scale computational science facility supported through a partnership among thirteen institutions, with funding from the US National Science Foundation [1]. Initially created through a Major Research Equipment Facilities Construction (MREFC [2]) award in 2001, the TeraGrid facility began providing production computing, storage,(More)
We present a novel approach for a virtual granular material interactive manipulation with force feedback. A user can interactively change a height-field model of sand by dragging objects inside. The virtual sand behaves like real sand moving to the sides and falling back, filling holes and irregularities on the surface. The dragging object position is(More)
The emergence of computer graphics as a powerful medium to communicate information is one of the primary reasons graphics is playing a larger role in engineering, science, and technology. Such a powerful medium has emerged from many sources. The author suggests that there is a philosophical foundation and a unique body of knowledge necessary for a(More)
One element of using contemporary computer graphics tools is the creation of accurate 3D geometry for a variety of purposes. As part of developing effective instructional experiences for students engaged in such activities, computer graphics educators must take into account a person's spatial abilities and skills. Literature has shown these abilities are(More)
We report an initial study on the use of visuohaptic simulation in teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) topics, with particular emphasis on physics concepts related to the learning of nanotechnology at the undergraduate level. Visuohaptic simulations of point charges and their interactions were developed. Thirty-eight(More)
Computer graphics is a powerful medium used to communicate information and knowledge. It is a discipline whose time has come. Until recently it was a mysterious specialty involving expensive display hardware, considerable computing resources, and specialized software. In the last few years, computer graphics has found its way into the mainstream of society,(More)
The occurrences of severe weather have caused many injuries, fatalities, and severe damage to personal and public properties. Weather forecasting and severe weather prediction help reduce such damages by providing opportune warnings so that people can protect their lives and properties, change economic operations, and plan daily activities ahead of time.(More)