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A process model used in the design and evaluation of hypertext systems is discussed. The model includes asynchronous processes of task analysis, document analysis, literature survey and systems evaluation, interpretation of data, designing and building systems, and collecting data. For each process, experiences with NaviText#8482; SAM, a hypertext interface(More)
The HCI Bibliography project has just released its first collections of a free-access online extended bibliography on Human-Computer Interaction. The basic goal of the project is to put an online bibliography for most of HCI on the screens of all researchers and developers in the field through anonymous ftp access, mail servers, and Mac and DOS floppy(More)
The mortality experience of alcohol process workers (N = 1031) from two chemical plants was followed from the early 1940s to 1983. Reported associations of the production of ethanol and isopropanol by the strong-acid process with upper respiratory tract cancers, heart disease, and lympho- and reticulosarcoma were tested with both external and internal(More)
The factors associated with driving cessation, number of miles driven, and changes in mileage were assessed in a community-living elderly population. A driving survey was administered in 1989 to surviving members of the New Haven EPESE cohort. Of 1,331 respondents, 456 had driven and 139 had stopped driving between 1983 and 1989. Independent predictors of(More)
In a 3-year survey, respiratory symptoms, spirometry, and methacholine reactivity were measured annually in welders (n = 51) and non-welder controls subjects (n = 54) to determine whether welding-related symptoms are associated with accelerated decline in lung function or changes in airway reactivity. In the cross-workshift study, maximal midexpiratory flow(More)
<i>Practical Usability Evaluation</i> is an introduction to cost-effective, low-skill, low-investment methods of usability assessment. The methods include (1) Inspection Methods (e.g., heuristic evaluation), (2) Observational Skills and Video (including user testing with think-aloud protocols), (3) Program Instrumentation, and (4) Questionnaires. The(More)
The OCLC FirstSearch&#174; service allows users to search for bibliographic and full text records in over 80 online databases. Web-based, FirstSearch was designed to adapt to unexpected user needs, platform considerations, languages, and changing requirements. The many unknowns during development necessitated an architecture that would allow many types of(More)