Gary P. García

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In SSVEP based BCIs, visual stimulus modulated at different frequencies are simultaneously presented to the user. Each pattern is associated with an action in an output (active) device. When the user focuses his/her attention on a certain pattern, the corresponding stimulating frequency (or its harmonics) dominantly appears in the spectral representation of(More)
Previous reports from our laboratory have demonstrated that an reverse phase HPLC (rpHPLC) fraction obtained from extracts of the chicken bursa of Fabricius posses both in vitro anti-steroidogenic activity on avian and mammalian cells and suppression on mitogen stimulated DNA-synthesis in chicken BF cells. Utilizing YM cut-off membranes the bioactive(More)
People living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) who experience homelessness have competing priorities (e.g., food, security of property) and experience complex health-related issues (e.g., co-morbidities, transportation to clinics) that may interfere with utilizing health care services. Using data from 229 PLWHA we did not find that homelessness was related to fewer or(More)
Documenting fidelity to HIV prevention interventions is critical to ensure consistency in intervention implementation and necessary for measuring intervention exposure and, ultimately, outcomes. Significant variation from prescribed protocols or inconsistent implementation can jeopardize the integrity of evaluation research and render outcomes(More)
In vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo transfer (ET) appear to constitute a revolution in the reproductive sciences rather than merely a new technique in the treatment of sterility. Principle of IVF: IVF accomplishes in vitro the process than normally occurs in the oviduct between the ovulation of oocyte II and embryo implantation in the endometrium. This(More)
COMPETING INTERESTS: The authors declare no financial or non-financial 23 competing interests. 24 2 ABSTRACT 25 Interprotein electron transfer underpins the essential processes of life and relies on the 26 formation of specific, yet transient protein-protein interactions. In biological systems, 27 the detoxification of sulfite is catalyzed by the(More)
Alternative sigma (σ) factors govern expression of bacterial genes in response to diverse environmental signals. In Pseudomonas aeruginosa σ PvdS directs expression of genes for production of a siderophore, pyoverdine, as well as a toxin and a protease. σ FpvI directs expression of a receptor for ferripyoverdine import. Expression of the genes encoding σ(More)
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