Gary Osweiler

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Formate generated from methanol metabolism in vivo is the chemical entity responsible for the development of the methanol toxicity syndrome in the monkey. Compared to rats, monkeys are in a state of folate deficiency. This leads to a decreased ability to dispose of formate generated leading to its accumulation and the subsequent development of the classic(More)
This work group felt that there is compelling evidence that effective occupational health services are essential to improve the serious occupational safety and health problems in agriculture. Program initiatives may be stimulated by federal and state governments, but development and implementation must involve the grassroots farm community and local(More)
Activated coagulation time, one stage prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time were compared in warfarin-intoxicated dogs. All coagulation tests were significantly prolonged on the third and fourth days following intoxication. Coagulation assays of all dogs except one returned to preintoxication values one day following vitamin K therapy.(More)
Methionine tablets are used as urinary acidifiers for pets and to decrease damage from dog urine to lawns. A 39-kg Labrador Retriever ingested approximately 350 tablets containing 150 mg methionine/tablet and was presented after repeated episodes of vomiting. The only abnormality was posterior ataxia suggestive of spinal cord injury. The animal was treated(More)
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