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The contribution of lymphatic transport to the oral bioavailability of methylnortestosterone (M) after oral administration of the lipophilic prodrug methylnortestosterone undecanoate (MU) has been evaluated, and the sensitivity of lymphatic MU transport to lymphatic lipid transport has been investigated. M and MU were administered intravenously and orally(More)
To establish a lymph-cannulated mouse model, and use the model to investigate the impact of lipid dose on exogenous and endogenous lipid recruitment, and drug transport, into the lymph of males versus females. Finally, lymphatic transport and drug absorption in the mouse were compared to other pre-clinical models (rats/dogs). Animals were orally or(More)
BACKGROUND IL-4 and IL-13 play a critical yet poorly understood role in orchestrating the recruitment and activation of effector cells of the asthmatic response and driving the pathophysiology of allergic asthma. The house dust mite (HDM) sheep asthma model displays many features of the human condition and is an ideal model to further elucidate the(More)
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