Gary Natriello

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In this exploratory study, Cocciolo, Chae and Natriello investigate the extent to which the communicative processes exhibited within a large digital repository illustrate the emergence of an online community of practice (CoP). In order to make this claim, we present a method for identifying the emergence of an online CoP using Social Network Analysis (SNA)(More)
Online surveys are becoming more popular as a means of information gathering in both academia and industry because of their relatively low cost and delivery. However, there are increasing debates on data quality in online surveys. We present a novel survey prototyping tool that integrates embedded learning resources to facilitate the survey prototyping(More)
The National Academy of Education advances high quality education research and its use in policy formation and practice. Founded in 1965, the Academy consists of U.S. members and foreign associates who are elected on the basis of outstanding scholarship related to education. Since its establishment, the Academy has undertaken research studies that address(More)
so as to achieve what would be expected to be similar results " —is necessary to the ability to generalize to more people and contexts than are represented in a single study (Cronbach, 1980). Expanding on this, replication within a social scientific field can be more broadly considered a social process through which individuals and groups repeatedly engage(More)
Learning from dialogues is a powerful pedagogy. Video-based and dialogic learning have become increasingly commonplace over the last decade and gradually evolve as one of the most popular teaching & learning strategies for modern e-learning (i.e. MOOCs). Identifying high-quality video dialogues is increasingly challenging because of the sheer number of(More)