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277 POLICYFORUM R educing the rate of biodiversity loss and averting dangerous biodiversity change are international goals, reasserted by the Aichi Targets for 2020 by Parties to the United Nations (UN) Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) after failure to meet the 2010 target (1, 2). However, there is no global, harmonized observation system for(More)
Integrated environmental modeling (IEM) represents a new paradigm, inspired by modern environmental problems, decisions, and policies and enabled by transdisciplinary science and computer capabilities that allow the environment to be considered in a fundamentally different way. The problems are characterized by the extent of the geo-ecological system(More)
dent but interoperable information services that can be applied to address many pressing societal issues. The IP3 is furthering this cause by piloting a framework for multidisciplinary knowledge integration. E NVIRONMENTAL change, population stress, susceptibility to natural disasters, and increasingly interdependent economies are driving the need for(More)
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