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For the common problem of lower limb injury with extensive. Loss of skin and bone, a new method of free vascularized bone grafting has been used and integrated with an appropriate soft tissue flap repair. The technique was developed to salvage two legs which would otherwise have been amputated. The preliminary result in Case 2 is encouraging. This case(More)
BACKGROUND Persistent, low-grade inflammation is an independent predictor of several chronic diseases and all-cause mortality. OBJECTIVE The intention of this study was to determine the independent and combined effects of diet-induced weight loss and exercise on markers of chronic inflammation. DESIGN Three hundred sixteen community-dwelling, older (>(More)
OBJECTIVE The Arthritis, Diet, and Activity Promotion Trial (ADAPT) was a randomized, single-blind clinical trial lasting 18 months that was designed to determine whether long-term exercise and dietary weight loss are more effective, either separately or in combination, than usual care in improving physical function, pain, and mobility in older overweight(More)
PURPOSE We performed this study in order to expand on an earlier report indicating a high prevalence of the sleep apnea syndrome in male patients with end-stage renal disease treated with hemodialysis and to determine whether patients with chronic renal insufficiency (prior to the initiation of therapy for end-stage renal disease) and female patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the relationships between proinflammatory biomarkers and self-reported and performance-based physical function and to examine the effect of weight loss on these markers of inflammation. DESIGN Randomized, longitudinal, clinical study comparing subjects eating an energy-restricted diet and participating in exercise training with a(More)
IMPORTANCE Knee osteoarthritis (OA), a common cause of chronic pain and disability, has biomechanical and inflammatory origins and is exacerbated by obesity. OBJECTIVE To determine whether a ≥10% reduction in body weight induced by diet, with or without exercise, would improve mechanistic and clinical outcomes more than exercise alone. DESIGN, SETTING,(More)
AIMS Poor blood flow and hypoxia/ischemia contribute to many disease states and may also be a factor in the decline of physical and cognitive function in aging. Nitrite has been discovered to be a vasodilator that is preferentially harnessed in hypoxia. Thus, both infused and inhaled nitrite are being studied as therapeutic agents for a variety of diseases.(More)
Whilst we have now a good understanding how past glaciation influenced species at the northern hemisphere, our knowledge of patterns and modes of speciation is far more limited for the southern hemisphere. We provide mtDNA based data on the phylogeography of a circumpolar distributed southern hemisphere seabird group-the southern skua complex (Catharacta(More)
Regurgitated pellets and fecal samples from south polar skuas Catharacta maccormicki breeding on Ross Island were analyzed for diet items. Adult penguin feathers were found in 79% of all the pellets and 42% of the fecal samples. Evidence of fish was found in 26% of the pellets and 39% of the fecal samples. The amount of refuse in the diet of skuas on Ross(More)
The Major Histocompatibility Complex (Mhc) class II DRB locus of vertebrates is highly polymorphic and some alleles may be shared between closely related species as a result of balancing selection in association with resistance to parasites. In this study, we developed a new set of PCR primers to amplify, clone, and sequence overlapping portions of the Mhc(More)