Gary McConnell

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A-G S. Aaronson (I), Generalizing and derandomizing Gurvits's approximation algorithm for the permanent (7&8) 541 S. Aaronson (II), BosonSampling is far from uniform (15&16) 1383 P. Agrawal, see I. Chakrabarty C.D. de Albuquerque, Families of codes of topological quantum codes from tessellations tessellations {4i+2,2i+1}, {4i,4i}, {8i-4,4} and ${12i-6,3}(More)
We study the correlation structure of separable and classical states in 2 × 2-and 2 × 3-dimensional quantum systems with fixed spectra. Even for such simple systems the maximal correlation-as measured by mutual information-over the set of unitarily accessible separable states is highly non-trivial to compute; however for the 2 × 2 case a particular class of(More)
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