Gary M. Bone

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– This paper describes the development of a novel vision-based modeling and grasping system for three-dimensional (3D) objects whose shape and location are unknown a priori. Our approach integrates online computer vision-based 3D object modeling with online 3D grasp planning and execution. A single wrist-mounted video camera is moved around the stationary(More)
A novel solution to the three-dimensional dynamic human-robot collision problem is presented. Sphere-based geometric models are used for the human and robot due to the efficiency of the distance computation. The collision avoidance algorithm searches for collision-free paths by moving the end-effector along a set of pre-defined search directions. An(More)
Pneumatic servo actuators have the benefits of low-cost, cleanliness and a high power-to-weight ratio. However , their relatively poor accuracy prevents them from competing with electro-mechanical systems when higher accuracy is needed. The cause of the steady-state error for a pneumatic servo system with an open-center servo valve is investigated. Full(More)
—Existing fixtures for holding sheet metal parts are generally bulky, part-specific, and designed by human trial-and-error. In this paper, we propose unilateral fixtures, a new class of fixtures that addresses these limitations using modular fixturing elements that lie almost completely on one side of the part, maximizing access on the other side for(More)