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Instructional Effectiveness and Instructional Efficiency as Considerations for Data-Based Decision Making: An Evaluation of Interspersing Procedures
Abstract The current study investigated the extent to which considering instructional time and student learning rate affects academic treatment decisions. Five second-grade students with difficultiesExpand
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Examining the Relationship Between Mathematics Anxiety and Mathematics Performance: An Instructional Hierarchy Perspective
This study investigated the relationship between mathematics anxiety, fluency, and error rates in basic mathematical operations among college students. College students were assigned to one of twoExpand
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Effects of peer versus computer‐assisted drill on mathematics response rates
This study investigated the functional relationship between student accurate response levels and two mathematics drill procedures using a BCBC across participant's single case research design (inExpand
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A meta‐analytic review of the cover‐copy‐compare and variations of this self‐management procedure
Studies that examined copy-cover-compare (CCC) and variations of this procedure were reviewed and analyzed. This review revealed a substantial number of studies that validated the use of CCC acrossExpand
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A Review of the Effects of Interspersing Procedures on the Stages of Academic Skill Development
Basic and applied research related to the effects of interspersing trials of maintenance (i.e., review) tasks among trials of acquisition tasks on academic skill development is reviewed. In general,Expand
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Getting remedial mathematics students to prefer homework with 20% and 40% more problems : An investigation of the strength of the interspersing procedure
High school students in remedial mathematics classes were exposed to three pairs of mathematics computation assignments. Three of the assignments served as control assignments and contained 15 targetExpand
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The Differential Effects of Two Self-Managed Math Instruction Procedures: Cover, Copy, and Compare versus Copy, Cover, and Compare.
This study compared the fluency and error rates produced when using the Cover, Copy, and Compare (CCC) and a modified CCC procedure (MCCC) called Copy, Cover, and Compare to complete subtraction mathExpand
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Differential Effects of Two Spelling Procedures on Acquisition, Maintenance and Adaption to Reading
An alternating treatments design was used to assess the effects of a constant time delay (CTD) procedure and a cover-copy-compare (CCC) procedure on three students’ acquisition, subsequentExpand
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Teachers' Perceptions of the Incidence and Management of Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) continues to be a common diagnosis of school children, and according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (4th ed. [DSM-IV],Expand
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Assessing Effectiveness and Efficiency of Academic Interventions in School Psychology Journals: 1995-2005
This article reviews research in the four major school psychology journals: Journal of School Psychology, Psychology in the Schools, School Psychology Quarterly, and School Psychology Review. TheExpand
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