Gary L Zohman

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The current study evaluates the interobserver reliability and intraobserver reproducibility of the Garden classification of femoral neck fractures, assesses the influence of a lateral radiograph on a fracture's classification, and determines the classification's impact on the surgeon's choice of operative treatment. Forty radiographs of femoral neck(More)
Cases of hip fracture recorded from 1/2009 to 12/2011 were ascertained using the Kaiser Permanente Hip Fracture Registry. The registry collects information on patient, procedure, surgeon, facility, and surgical outcomes. The population (N = 12,562) was predominantly white, women, and older (≥ 75 years), and 32% had at least 5 comorbidities. The average(More)
Peak axial loads on entry and peak pull-out loads were measured for Kirschner-wires (K-wire) inserted into canine metacarpals. The wires were placed using a standard, unidirectional drill and using an oscillating, bidirectional drill that reversed spin direction every 120 degrees. Seven trocar-tip wires were compared with seven diamond-tip wires using each(More)
Ten patients who had undergone primary intraarticular proximal tibial replacement between April 1985 and December 1994, and had a minimum of 2 years of followup, were available for stride analysis. Mean age, time since intraarticular proximal tibial replacement, height, and weight were 23.8 years, 6.5 years, 167 cm, and 63 kg, respectively. A volunteer(More)
An experimental model has been developed to study the potential transplantation of nerve xenografts using the newer immunosuppressive agents RS-61443 and FK-506. Sciatic nerve grafts of 2 cm were transplanted from donor Golden Syrian hamsters into a 0.5 cm gap in the sciatic nerve of recipient Lewis rats. Walking track analysis, somatosensory evoked(More)
This investigation was undertaken to determine the value of a routine radiological consultation on all examinations taken during the course of evaluation and treatment of children with elective orthopedic problems. Shriners Hospital in Los Angeles treats children with chronic orthopedic problems. All radiographs are ordered by an orthopedic surgeon.(More)
The cost of treating osteoporosis-related diagnoses, over one half of which are hip fractures, is $5.2 billion per year. The incidence of hip fractures is rising, and it is the orthopedic surgeon who provides the definitive medical care to these patients. Factors associated with poor outcome in hip fractures include poor nutrition, impaired mental ability(More)
1. heat production and high-energy phosphate hydrolysis by frog sartorius muscles in 6 s isometric tetani were measured to test the hypothesis that the isometric unexplained enthalpy (u.e.) and labile maintenance heat (l.m.h.) were of similar origin. Muscles were first given a conditioning tetanus to deplete the u.e. and l.m.h. A second (test) 6 s tetanus(More)