Gary L. Wood

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Significant increases (x10) in both speed and gain of the beam fanning process were obtained via three different methods in SBN and BSKNN. These methods involve the creation of a dc electric field either (1) externally, (2) by the pyroelectric effect, or (3) by thermally cycling the crystal and the presence of laser radiation. The enhanced effects were(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) color holograms are recorded in a cerium-doped, strontium barium niobate (SBN:60) photorefractive crystal. These holograms are shown to reconstruct true color reproductions of the original object with an observable field of view of 37 degrees. Angle multiplexing of two or more 3D color holograms is also demonstrated with angle tuning(More)
In this paper we report a new method for double phase conjugation particularly suited to the tungsten bronze crystal strontium barium niobate. It has also been observed to produce conjugate waves in BaTiO(3) and BSKNN. This new arrangement is called the bridge conjugator because the two beams enter opposing [100] crystal faces and fan together to form a(More)
We report the observation of self-pumped phase conjugation by means of internal reflection in a photorefractive medium produced by a series of intense nanosecond pulses. Nanosecond pulses from a YAG laser ranging in intensity from 9 x 10(4) to 9 x 10(5) W/cm(2) were used. The crystal was rhodium-doped strontium barium niobate. The conjugate signal began(More)
We show how to transform multiple real-time photorefractive solitons into permanent two-dimensional single-mode waveguides impressed into the crystalline lattice of the host material. We experimentally demonstrate two specific configurations of such fixed multiple waveguides: directional couplers and multiple beam splitters.
We present the results of the experimental study and comparison of Yb-free, Erdoped, all-fiber, alignment free, single frequency (SF) fiber amplifiers operating under 980-, 1470and 1530-nm pumping for the coreand clad-pumping architectures. In the single-mode core-pumped configuration Er-doped fiber amplifiers demonstrated 52% and 60% pump to output(More)
Usually edge enhancement of optical images is produced by introduction of loss into the low spatial frequency components of the image-bearing beam in the Fourier plane of a lens. We report on edge-enhanced phase-conjugate images from a mutually pumped conjugator accomplished by spatial filtering in the Fraunhofer diffraction region of the input beams.(More)