Gary L. Slater

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To define the precision (reproducibility) of measurement of periprosthetic bone mineral density and bone mineral content, dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry scans were obtained on 45 randomly selected patients who had had a unilateral total hip arthroplasty within the previous 3 years. The coefficients of variation of the bone mineral density in the proximal(More)
We have investigated the relationship between magnetic activity and coronal structures using soft X-ray data from the Yohkoh soft X-ray telescope and magnetic field data from the Kitt Peak Solar Observatory for the period of 1991–2001 and EUV data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory EUV Imaging Telescope for 1996–2001. The data are reduced to(More)
Analysis of the Mariner 9 radio-tracking data shows that the Martian gravity field is rougher than that of Earth or the moon, and that the accepted direction of Mars's rotation axis is in error by about 0.5 degrees . The new value for the pole direction for the epoch 1971.9, referred to the mean equatorial system of 1950.0, is right ascension alpha= 317.3(More)
Species reintroductions are used commonly as a tool for conservation, but rigorous, quantitative assessments of their outcome rarely occur. Such assessments are critical for determining success of the reintroduction and for identifying management actions needed to ensure persistence of reintroduced populations. We collected 9 years of demographic data on(More)
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