Gary L. Schultz

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The extent to which relatively unassimilated Asian clients can utilize traditional psychotherapy is likely to depend upon the ability of therapists to understand cultural differences and to adapt their clinical styles accordingly. Common errors made by non-Asian therapists attempting to engage Asians in psychotherapy are identified and appropriate(More)
In parallel database systems, distribution of the data among the processors has a signiicant impact on the response time and throughput of the system. The beneets of parallelism (using multiple processors to execute a query) must be balanced against its costs (communication, startup, and termination overhead). We formalize the problem of minimizing overhead(More)
A framework is presented that was generated by clinical experiences with Asian clients in predominantly Caucasian therapy groups. Focus is on the impact of differing perceptions of power, authority, interpersonal boundaries, and family process on group dynamics. The applicability of this framework to other ethnic minorities is evaluated.
The computing time beneets of parallelism in database systems (achieved by using multiple processors to execute a query) must be weighed against communication, startup, and termination overhead costs that increase as a function of the number of processors used. We consider problems of minimizing overhead subject to allocating data among the processors(More)