Gary L Sanford

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BACKGROUND Cyclooxygenase (COX) is the rate-limiting enzyme that catalyzes the formation of prostaglandins. The inducible isoform of COX (COX-2) is highly expressed in aggressive metastatic breast cancers and may play a critical role in cancer progression (i.e. growth and metastasis). However, the exact mechanism(s) for COX-2-enhanced metastasis has yet to(More)
BACKGROUND Neovascularization (angiogenesis) is a multistep process, controlled by opposing regulatory factors, which plays a crucial role in several ocular diseases. It often results in vitreous hemorrhage, retinal detachment, neovascularization glaucoma and subsequent vision loss. Hypoxia is considered to be one of the key factors to trigger angiogenesis(More)
Dietary salt is a contributing factor to the development of hypertension in individuals who are salt-sensitive. The vitamin D endocrine system has been reported to modulate vascular structure and function. Since elderly hypertensive females with low plasma renin activity, typical of salt-sensitivity, had significantly lower 25-hydroxyvitamin D(More)
Correction Following publication of our article [1] it was noted that Figures five E and five G were the same as Figures six A and six B. Figure 1 in this correction article is the correct version of Figure six that should have been included in the original article [1]. Figure 1 RT-PCR and Western blot analysis of NFB. Total RNA and total protein were(More)
you transmitted License Amendment Request (LAR-10-08), which requested approval of an amendment to Special Nuclear Materials License SNM-2010 to authorize a new Quality Level (QL-1F) graded quality assurance program for fire protection features designated as Items Relied on for Safety (IROFS). The NRC reviewed LAR 10-08 and the responses to the RAI and(More)
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