Gary L. Griffith

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BACKGROUND Endoscopic harvesting of the greater saphenous vein is increasingly used during cardiac surgery to improve patient satisfaction and reduce the wound complications associated with traditional open techniques. Although histologic studies suggest no significant difference in vein quality between these two techniques, long-term follow-up is lacking(More)
BACKGROUND : Incorporating amiodarone into an existing postoperative atrial fibrillation (AF) prevention pathway may reduce postoperative AF and length of stay (LOS). METHODS : From July 2002 through December 2002, 476 consecutive cardiac surgical patients were managed with an AF prevention protocol using aggressive potassium replacement,(More)
Local area networks (LANs) allow computer users to access information on both local and remote servers. Increasingly, these users need access to their company's network continuously for such tasks as reading e-mail or retrieving and logging information. Wireless data networks can allow workers continuous connectivity, even when they are away from their(More)
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