Gary L. Gard

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1-Pentafluorosulfanyl acetylene and its derivatives react with azide or diazomethane giving rise to an SF5-substituted 1,2,3-triazole or pyrazole. The SF5 group increases density remarkably and as a result enhances the detonation performance of the energetic materials relative to the CF3 group.
Recently synthesized (Winter, R.; Nixon, P. G.; Gard, G. L.; Radford, D. H.; Holcomb, N. R.; Grainger, D. W. J. Fluorine Chem. 2001, 107, 23-30) SF5-terminated perfluoroalkyl thiols (SF5(CF2)nCH2CH2SH, where n = 2, 4, and 6) and a symmetric SF5-terminated dialkyl disulfide ([SF5-CH=CH-(CH2)8-S-]2) were assembled as thin films chemisorbed onto gold surfaces.(More)
We observe charge-order fluctuations in the quasi-two-dimensional organic superconductor β''-(BEDT-TTF)2SF5CH2CF2SO3, both by means of vibrational spectroscopy, locally probing the fluctuating charge order, and by investigating the in-plane dynamical response by infrared reflectance spectroscopy. The decrease of the effective electronic interaction in an(More)
Jeremy A. Smith,† Robert A. DiStasio Jr.,†,‡ Nicole A. Hannah,† Rolf W. Winter,† Timothy J. R. Weakley,⊥ Gary L. Gard,† and Shankar B. Rananavare*,†,§ Department of Chemistry, Portland State UniVersity, 1719 SW 10th AVe., Room 238C, Portland, Oregon 97207; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, OGI School of Science and Technology at Oregon(More)
The first quaternary salts of pyridine (2), N-methyl imidazole (3), N-propyl triazole (4), and pyridazine (5) that contain the pentafluorosulfanyl (SF(5)) group were prepared and characterized. Neat reactions of the aromatic nitrogen compounds with SF(5)(CF(2))(n)(CH(2))(m)I (n = 2 or 4, m = 2 or 4) gave quaternary iodides 6a-c, 7a-c, 8a, and 9a,b, which(More)
In this study, the effect of fluorine upon the heme-binding ability of the xanthone nucleus was investigated for 3,6-bis-(omega-N,N-diethylaminoamyloxy)-4,5-difluoroxanthone (F2C5). 2-Fluoro-1,3-dimethoxybenzene was prepared by a new, improved method and used to build up the xanthone nucleus. The interaction of F2C5 with heme was investigated by UV-vis,(More)
In this paper, we report transport measurements of interlayer magnetoresistance with field parallel and perpendicular to the current direction in an all organic superconductor b9-~BEDT-TTF!2SF5CH2CF2SO3. For HiI , the isothermal magnetoresistance R(H) at low temperatures (T<Tc) displays a peak effect as a function of field. For H'I , R(H) increases(More)
J. Wosnitza, J. Hagel, P. J. Meeson, D. Bintley, J. A. Schlueter, J. Mohtasham, R. W. Winter, and G. L. Gard Institut für Angewandte Physik (IAPD), Technische Universität Dresden, D-01062 Dresden, Germany Grenoble High Magnetic Field Laboratory, MPI and CNRS, 38042 Grenoble, France H. H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol, Bristol, BS8 1TL,(More)
High-resolution carbon 1s photoelectron spectroscopy of propyne (HC triple bond CCH3) shows a spectrum in which the contributions from the three chemically inequivalent carbons are clearly resolved and marked by distinct vibrational structure. This structure is well accounted for by ab initio theory. For 3,3,3-trifluoropropyne (HC triple bond CCF3) and(More)