Gary L. Ballard

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We describe the in situ use of rRNA-targeted fluorescent hybridization probes in combination with digital microscopy to quantify the cellular content of ribosomes in relationship to the growth rate of single cells of a specific population of sulfate-reducing bacteria in multispecies anaerobic biofilms. Using this technique, we inferred that this population(More)
During the post-flight inspection of SSME engines, several inaccessible regions must be disassembled to inspect tbr detects such as cracks, scratches, gouges, etc. An improvement to the inspection process would be the design and development of very small robots capable of penetrating these inaccessible regions and detecting the defects. The goal of this(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Agency recognizes Industrial Economics, Incorporated (IEc), for the overall organization and development of this report. IEc developed the database and analytical model that allowed for comprehensive analyses of the final regulatory standards and the options presented in this report.
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