Gary K. K. Chan

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The recent implementation of bilingualism in the Common Law system in Hong Kong has brought about an urgent need to develop a Computer-Aided Transcription (CAT) system to efficiently produce verbatim records of court proceedings conducted in Cantonese Chinese. The Cantonese Chinese CAT system essentially converts phonologically-based shorthand code, or(More)
High plasma levels of apolipoprotein A-I (apoA-I) correlate with cardiovascular health, whereas dysfunctional apoA-I is a cause of atherosclerosis. In the atherosclerotic plaques, amyloid deposition increases with aging. Notably, apoA-I is the main component of these amyloids. Recent studies identified high levels of oxidized lipid-free apoA-I in(More)
The resumption of sovereignty over Hong Kong by China and the implementation of legal bilingualism there have given rise to an urgent need for producing verbatim court records of proceedings conducted in Cantonese, the predominant Chinese dialect spoken by the majority of the population. This has created a challenge to build up the jurilinguistic(More)
A Cantonese Chinese transcription system to automatically convert stenograph code to Chinese characters is reported. The major challenge in developing such a system is the critical homocode problem because of homonymy. The statistical N-gram model is used to compute the best combination of characters. Supplemented with a 0.85 million character corpus of(More)
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