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The relation between maternal exposure to nitrates in drinking water and risk of delivering an infant with a central nervous system (CNS) malformation was examined by means of a case-control study in New Brunswick, Canada. All cases of CNS defects for a "high" and a "low" prevalence area of New Brunswick, for the years 1973-1983, were included in the study.(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop current birth weight norms by gestational age for singleton and twin births in Canada. METHODS Birth weight data were obtained from vital statistics and health department birth registrations for over one million live births in Canada from 1986-1988. Unlikely combinations of birth weight and gestational age were defined within each(More)
The increasing use of mammography to screen asymptomatic women makes it important to know the risk of breast cancer associated with exposure to low levels of ionizing radiation. We examined the mortality from breast cancer in a cohort of 31,710 women who had been treated for tuberculosis at Canadian sanatoriums between 1930 and 1952. A substantial(More)
To assess the effects of the combination of persistent hepadnavirus infection and chemical carcinogen exposure, aflatoxin B1 (AFB) was administered p.o. for 60 days to congenitally duck hepatitis B virus (DHBV)-infected and virus-free Pekin ducks, starting at 3 days of age, during a 28-month study. Hepatic neoplasia occurred only in AFB-dosed ducks.(More)
Replication of hepadnaviruses requires a persistent population of covalently closed circular (CCC) DNA molecules in the nucleus of the infected cell. It is widely accepted that the vital role of this molecule is to be the sole DNA template for the synthesis by RNA polymerase II of all viral transcripts throughout the infection process. Since the(More)
A study has been conducted to determine the mortality experience from 1950-1977 of a cohort of women treated for tuberculosis in Canadian sanatoria between 1930 and 1952. Approximately 50 percent of these women received substantial breast tissue doses of fluoroscopic irradiation in conjunction with their treatment by artificial pneumothorax. A preliminary(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Plasmid DNA-based immunization has been shown to be an effective means of vaccination in animal models. In this study, the immune responses to various hepatitis C virus structural protein antigens were evaluated using this technique. METHODS Six recombinant plasmids were constructed. These include, individually, the coding regions for(More)
Different approaches to screening for cancer of the cervix by cervical cytology have been evaluated using a computer simulation model developed by Knox and data on the natural history of carcinoma-in-situ (or worse) from a cohort study of women screened in British Columbia, 1949-69. The natural history input parameters and the output parameters without(More)
For 1986, 219,470 live births were reported for residents of Canada's 25 Census Metropolitan Areas (CMAs). For each of these births, street address information as shown on the birth registration was used to code the census tract where the mother lived. Data by census tract were obtained for 1,650 infant deaths in 1986, and from the 1986 census for the(More)