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The closo-[1-M(CO)(3)(eta(4)-E(9))](4-) (E = Sn, Pb; M = Mo, W) anions have been obtained by extracting the binary alloys KSn(2.05) and KPb(2.26) in ethylenediamine (en) in the presence of(More)
The crystal structures of alpha-KrF(2) and salts containing the KrF(+) and Kr(2)F(3)(+) cations have been investigated for the first time using low-temperature single-crystal X-ray diffraction. The(More)
The salts [18-crown-6-K](4)[Sn(4)Se(10)].5en and [18-crown-6-K](4)[Sn(4)Te(10)].3en.2THF were isolated upon addition of THF to the ethylenediamine (en) extracts of the alloys KSn(0.90)Se(1.93) and(More)
The xenon(IV) hydroxide fluoride and oxide fluoride salts, [H(OXeF2)n][AsF6] and [FXe(II)(OXe(IV)F2)n][AsF6] (n = 1, 2), have been synthesized as the natural abundance and the (18)O- and(More)