Gary J. Katz

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The all-pairs shortest-path problem is an intricate part in numerous practical applications. We describe a shared memory cache efficient GPU implementation to solve transitive closure and the all-pairs shortest-path problem on directed graphs for large datasets. The proposed algorithmic design utilizes the resources available on the NVIDIA G80 GPU(More)
Most intelligence analysis tasks require the analyst to have a mastery of a sequence of events. Tools supporting intelligence analysis must aid the analyst in untangling a variety of time related problems, including overlapping durations for events, and imprecise, incomplete, or conflicting information. Tools require both strong date and time(More)
Floyd Warshall's Algorithm is a simple and widely used algorithm to compute shortest path between all pairs of vertices in an edge weighted directed graph. It can also be used to detect the presence of negative cycles. Many researchers have given many other approaches for finding all pair shortest path but they reduced the complexity by using complex(More)
In intelligence analysis environments, content such as entities, events and relationships appear in different source documents and contexts, and relating them is a challenging and intensive task. This paper presents an approach to reducing the volume and variety of the content by automatically associating them. The SIEVE architecture is built on the(More)
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